Frequently Asked Questions

What‘s with the name? There‘s a secret Rosebud-like story behind it, but until you get to know us better you can think of being a front seat driver instead of a back seat driver.

Where are you? Front Seat sits atop the historic OddFellows Building (Walk Score 98 baby!) in Seattle‘s Pike Pine Neighborhood.

What do you actually do? We do some early stage deals (e.g. Upworthy), but to tell you the truth, we spend most of our time on rapid prototyping of internally-generated ideas (e.g. Walk Score) and getting together with the brightest minds in advanced technologies (machine learning esp. deep learning, autonomous drones, internet of things) and positive impact markets (health, education, energy conversation, democracy).

Is it true about the drones? Yes, we would like to issue a general warning that personal drones operate in our workspace.

Do you incubate companies? Yes, and there's co-working space too, but it‘s not like you're thinking. Our prototyping and development projects come from internally-generated ideas, so it's more like a private incubator. And we have co-working space for a curated set of savants, hackers, polymaths, entrepreneurs, doers, company-builders, and innovators to collaborate with. But if you ask us to help incubate your idea, we‘re more likely to tell you to give up and work on one of our ideas instead.

My business applies tech for good. Do you want to invest? Can I pitch you? We‘re more likely to offer you office space and collaboration than cash, but (less than five minutes of slides, text/1-pager, video, anything), and we‘ll take a look.

Back to Front Seat. Are you hiring? World-class UI/UX designers email us .

Who's behind this thing? Mike Mathieu (Twitter, LinkedIn, About) gets all the blame. Collaborators get the well-deserved credit.

So what are your current projects? Check back in a bit, we'll brag when we can.

*With props to HVF for the awesome FAQ template. Thanks!